To learn how to create your “coopworking enterprise”, nothing better than trying it yourself!

We propose a method in 5 steps: the idea, the strategy, the organization, the implementation and the the experiment’s evaluation (what did we learn?).

These 5 steps are presented in this order but, according to your time availability, your preferences and learning/teaching priorities, , you can decide to focus on one or the other step.

It’s up to you !

1 Looking for a cooperative project

Build your team and choose together the good idea you want to develop


2 Design a strategy

Does your idea help meet any needs? Is there any market? Who are your clients and competitors What investment does it require ? What benefits can it bring to you and your mates/colleagues?


3 Design an organization

Who brings what to the project? Who will decide what? What tasks does the project  imply? How to distribute them?


4 Let's go working !

Once the project is launched, will the team remain welded? How to handle possible confits with different points of view? How to follow the activity? How to distribute results?


5 Last step

How do you evaluate this project? What did you know about cooperative entrepreneurship and working cooperatively?


In addition