Enter the Lab

The aim of #Cooplab is to enable young people aged 15/20 and their teachers or trainers to learn about cooperative entrepreneurship, with a specific focus on the governance and participatory model of worker and social cooperatives, and to experiment by the creation of a cooperative project.

#Cooplab’s resources are available in 4 languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish). Although the English tools’ version was designed to be a more general source of inspiration for every potential user around Europe, the others were slightly adapted to the three national contexts where they have already started to be tested by students and teachers (France, Spain and Italy).

  • Start to Coop, a pedagogical tool  accompanying the creation of a cooperative enterprise in five steps: the idea, the strategy, the organization, the implementation and the experiment’s evaluation (what did we learn?).
  • 3 videos sharing the voice and concrete experience of young worker-members in France, Spain and Italy
  •  Some inspirational cooperative projects set up by young students in France, Spain and Italy and other materials and resources providing basic information about “coopworking enterprises”