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Confédération générale des Scop

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The Scop’s Movement supports the creation, recovery and processing business as Scop (Production Cooperative) or SCIC (cooperative society of collective interest).

Alternatives économiques

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Alternatives Economiques Scop SA publishes every month Alternatives Economiques, a french magazine on economic and social issues, and for educational purposes.

Escuela de Economia Social Andalucia (FEAES)


The Andalusian Social Economy School is a private, no profit foundation created in 2002 by the Confederation of Social Economy Organizations in Andalusia (CEPES) and the Andalusian Federation of Work Co-operatives.



IRECOOP ER is the vocational training centre of Confcooperative Emilia-Romagna, the regional level association representing cooperatives societies that adhere to the National Confcooperative.



CECOP – CICOPA Europe is the European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives. It affiliates 26 members in 15 European countries including organizations promoting cooperatives and national confederations or federations of cooperatives representing 50,000 enterprises employing 1.3 million workers. CECOP – CICOPA Europe is the voice of: WORKER COOPERATIVES: characterised by the fact that the majority of their staff are members-owners; SOCIAL COOPERATIVES specialised in the provision of services of general interest; and COOPERATIVES OF SELF EMPLOYED PRODUCERS.